Quaking Aspen Cabin
This cabin is for those wishing to escape the daily grind. It is located one mile off the main road at an elevation of 9,800 feet above sea level. The Quaking Aspen Cabin can be accessed by truck or ATV about seven months of the year. You may also hike in on this old logging road where you will likely see elk, deer and possibly bear.

The cabin is a three-room structure with a large covered porch, a private shower room and an outhouse. The main room consist of the kitchen, dining area and bunks for three. The other room, the bunkroom, comfortably sleeps four. We have modernized the cabin to the point where it has running water for showers and dishes (even hot water for showers) and propane gas for lighting and cooking. The cabin is comfortably heated with a wood stove. Should you need to contact the ranch manager during your stay, a two-way radio is also available. You must pack in your food water and bedrolls. This is a "real" experience that you will never forget. We think you'll find it rustic, but functional and cozy.

Comfortably sleeps seven adults

Price - $200.00 per night
Pets - Allowed
Length - Minimum 3 night stay
Dates - June 1st - August 30th


phone : 575 . 588 . 7854
PO Box 338 . Tierra Amarilla . New Mexico . 87575
ranch manager : brandonruppert@redrabbitranch.com